The Tower

Green spaces begin their revolution at the base of The Spiral and continue to circle the tower from the High Line to the skyline. The classic Manhattan step-back form takes a step forward as the building gently tapers to the sky, allowing light and air to reach the streets below, and providing lush outdoor space to tenants on each floor. The silhouette of The Spiral resonates with the iconic architecture of Rockefeller Center, while its modern design and detailing set the standard for contemporary commercial space.

With entrances on Hudson Park and Boulevard, The Spiral draws its sustainable and landscaped inspiration from the acres of newly developed urban green space adjacent to it.

The terraces provide each floor with a double-height amenity space that can either be connected to adjacent floors for a dynamic workspace flow, or can serve as a unique meeting space dedicated to one specific floor. Tenants enjoy spectacular morning light over Midtown, sunsets over the Hudson River, and panoramic views of Manhattan on every floor.

Exterior Green Space

Indoor atrium workspace seamlessly connects to exterior landscaped terraces on every floor, ideal for informal meetings or simply taking a moment to be inspired by the sweeping views.

Open Floor Plans

Endlessly flexible configurations allow for a tailored tenant experience and long-term adaptability for today’s growing businesses.

Soaring Ceiling Heights

Floor-to-ceiling windows highlight impressive ceiling heights and virtually column-free floor plates to create wide open interiors. Double-height amenity spaces also connect adjacent floors for dynamic, collaborative workflows.

Spectacular Views

Unobstructed in all directions, The Spiral’s panoramic views feature bright morning light from Midtown to the east, sunsets over the Hudson River to the west and open vistas of Manhattan to the north and south.